Certified Education and Counseling for Homebuyers and Homeowners At Your Fingertips.

eHome America is the nation’s premier online homebuyer education program. It’s designed to be an 8 hour course and exceeds the National Industry Standards for Homebuyer Education and Counseling. The course is broken up into 6 modules: Are you ready to buy a home; Managing your money; Understanding credit; Getting a mortgage loan; Shopping for a home and Keeping your home and managing your finances.

Each module is divided into sections complete with quizzes and tests to validate the learning experience. Videos are included to supplement the learning. Clients can register and pay online in less than 5 minutes.  They can log in and out as many times as needed and the system remembers where they were and takes them there. Each module contains quizzes/tests that must be passed at an 80% or higher level. Clients can retake tests they do not pass, but all test results are captured.

Agency partners can offer discounts to clients via coupon codes. The administrative panel provides detailed client tracking and reporting from registration to course completion.

Benefits of Being a Bank Partner

How a Bank Works with eHome America

  • eHome America

    The eHome America team creates a unique online portal for your bank’s website.  This portal links to eHome’s online homebuyer education course while promoting your brand and mortgage loan products.

  • Bank Partners

    As a Bank Partner, you choose the HUD-certified counseling agencies you want to work with, enabling your bank to strengthen existing community partnerships or create new ones!

  • Bank Customers

    Your mortgage customers can access the eHome America course 24/7 on their own initiative or by way of invitation from their loan officer or originator for only $99.  Customers have access to around-the-clock technical support, relieving your organization of that burden!

  • Tracking & Reporting

    eHome’s administrative functionality tracks and reports important information about who’s taking and benefitting from the course and automatically generates course completion certifications for your loan processing department.

eHome America is pleased to announce the release of its new and condensed homebuyer education course designed specifically for those customers who may not need one-on-one follow counseling, such as customers who have higher credit scores or those who are deemed to be mortgage-ready. The course contains all of the required content for HUD-approval; exceeds the National Industry Standards for Homebuyer Education and Counseling and helps ensure customers’ success as both borrowers and homeowners, but is more condensed and somewhat shorter than eHome America’s flagship education course.
Features include:
  • Shorter  in length – takes less time to complete (4 -4.5 hours on average) while still exceeding the National Industry Standards
  • Shorter in length  – takes less time to complete (4  to 4.5 hours on average) while still exceeding the National Industry Standards
  • Does not require 1:1 counseling the end of the course 
  • Provides comprehensive home buyer education that is easily accessible and time-saving for the borrower
  • Course still covers financial management, budget and credit, the home buying process, and the mortgage financing process
  • Fully accessible via smartphone or tablet – very user friendly for millennial home buyers
  • Comprehensive learning experience with multiple teaching techniques, including updated animation, videos, text,  and learning checks
Banks can now offer quality homebuyer education to their mortgage loan customers, especially first-time home buyers, and receive positive CRA credit in the process. And eHome America can create the necessary portal making it very easy for customers to access the course and still know that it’s a bank-sponsored program.
  • 450

    Agency Partners

  • 50

    States, Puerto Rico & Guam

  • 150,000

    Courses Completed

  • $6 million

    Generated For Homebuyer Education & Counseling Services

The mission of the eHome Network is simple. Our goal is to create, for our agency partners, the tools necessary to provide the best education and counseling experience to their clients, and to help our partners operate more efficiently and effectively. eHome America works closely with certified counseling agencies to help homebuyers and homeowners.  Our courses are professionally created, review by various agencies, and certified by governing bodies.
eHome Network was developed beginning in 2009 to help clients who needed homebuyer education to access high quality content without having to travel to a homeownership counseling agency for classes. The Network invested significant resources in developing multimedia content, through testing, and sophisticated management tools for agency partners. Word spread quickly and the list of partner agencies grew across the nation.
In 2011, Money Management (formerly eHome Money) was added as a 2-3 hour financial literacy course. In 2012, responding to the foreclosure crisis, Foreclosure Education (formerly eHome Foreclosure) was developed, a 1.5 hour course to help consumers better understand the foreclosure process.
Advancing the capability of agencies to educate their clients without the expense of classroom training was just the beginning. eHome Network has also developed eHome Agency, a client management system.  It allows clients to complete a full intake, electronically sign disclosures, and receive an initial action plan, with almost no staff interaction.  Clients complete a thorough registration and communication with the client is conducted in the system.  Partners can track progress in their entire client population.