BRUNSWICK, ME | Cumberland County
Affordable Housing


Cumberland County

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  • Affordable Housing
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  • LMI Census Tract
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  • CDFI Organization
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X - Religion, Spiritual Development


Religious organizations that provide opportunities for people to satisfy their inner needs and enhance their spiritual growth through organized worship or through other devotional activities under the auspices of one of the group of religious faiths that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Use this code for Christian denominations that are not specified below as well as their ministries, missions or missionary activities; bible camps and schools. (rev. 11/04)

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Prepared group health plan
Not reported
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Religious Organizations

CRA Alignment

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Affordable Housing
Creation, rehabilitation, operation or preservation of affordable housing.
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Native American CDFI info
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Loan Fund
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New Market Tax Credit Recipient info
YearAmountProgramAwardee Name
2018 $1,165,000 Capital Magnet Fund open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2016 $475,000 CDFI Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2018 $750,000 CDFI Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2019 $750,000 CDFI Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2021 $525,000 CDFI Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2021 $1,826,265 CDFI Rapid Response Program (COVID-19) open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2018 $200,000 Disability Funds Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2019 $200,000 Disability Funds Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.
2021 $300,000 Disability Funds Financial Assistance open_in_new Genesis Fund, Inc.

Includes CDFI Fund awards granted between January 2013 and December 2023

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As of November 2022 Update
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990 (all other) or 990EZ return
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990-PF not required by IRS
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Independent Organization
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Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)

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As of April 2023
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50% (60% for cash contributions)
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A public charity

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Cumberland County
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Metropolitan Statistical Area
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38860 - Portland-South Portland, ME
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438 - Portland-Lewiston-South Portland, ME
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Not located in an MD.
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Majority Minority Census Tract info 13.78%
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FFIEC Underserved Census Tract info

Market Data

Census Tract County
0112.05 Cumberland County
Total Population 3,091 300,776
Total Households 1,473 125,986
Median Family Income (Census*) $69,327 $80,679
Median Family Income (2022 FFIEC est.) $101,600 $101,600
Tract Income Percentage 77.04% N/A
Below Poverty Level 12.4% 7.8%
Unemployment Level 5.3% 3.5%
Total Housing Units 1,716 148,178
Total Owner-Occupied Units 27.3% 70.6%
Total Renter-Occupied Units 58.5% 29.4%
Total Vacant Units 14.2% 5.7%
* Census tract income based on 2020 Census estimated data; County income based on 2021 American Community Survey data.
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in Governing Body
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William Floyd
Executive Director
(207) 844-2035
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William Floyd
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Written Conflict of Interest Policy
Written Document Retention & Destruction Policy
Written Whistleblower Policy
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Compiled or Reviewed by an Independent Accountant
Audited by an Independent Accountant
Included in Consolidated Financial Statements
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Federal Grant Audit Required
Federal Grand Audit Performed
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Provides Credit Counseling
Conducts Gaming Activities
Engages in Lobbying Activities
Engages in Political Activities
Makes Grants to Individuals
Makes Grants to Organizations

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