CRA Solutions

Turn-key products offered by our trusted partners that enhance your bank's lending, investment and service performance.

  • Online portal where banks can review, select and purchase CRA-eligible loans in their specific assessment areas from nonprofit lenders.

  • The largest national association representing nonprofit and for-profit credit counseling companies whose members adhere to strict high-quality service standards.

  • EVERFI is used by 750+ of the world's largest financial institutions to strengthen their education solutions with an interactive, scalable and measurable tool to impact learners at scale.

  • CCM is a registered investment advisor to the CRA Investment Fund Share Class (Ticker: CRAIX) to help banks garner positive consideration on the CRA exam investment test.

  • Charity Services Centers operates in many states to help charitable organizations better serve their community by finding an inflection point to increase impact.

  • Impact Deposit Corp works with hundreds of banks nationally through its structured programs providing benefits to investors, banks, and nonprofits.

  • Miami's first co-working space for mission-driven leaders, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

  • AAA helps companies redirect their corporate tax liability in six states to fund K-12 scholarships for low-income children.

  • Online homeownership education integrated into your bank's mortgage process allowing homebuyers to complete the course at their own convenience.

  • An innovative social venture that mobilizes a national network of nonprofits to provide affordable housing solutions tailored to the needs of their communities.

  • Consortium of Kentucky banks that pool funds to make permanent loans on affordable housing projects financed principally from the sale of Federal tax credits.